What Would You Do?

As an IT leader / influencer, you have always been asked by many BU leaders to drive business growth through digitalization. And often a times, we understand that the existing IT ecosystem that you have may not be able to support the business needs. 

Decision making is a key skill in the workplace, and is particularly important if you want to be an effective leader. It would be easy if there were one formula you could use in any situation, but there isn’t. Each decision presents its own challenges.

Based on the below simple scenario, share with us your decision by clicking one of the option and stand a chance to win Apple Airpod 3. What’s more, we will be providing you with insights to what would be the likely future, based on your decision.

What Would Be
Your Decision?

Gather More Developers

to work on the project, try to buy more time for the deadline stipulated

Leverage Low-Code

Suggest to Management to leverage a modern low-code application platform

Unable To Support

Regretfully IT is unable to support request as there are too many complexity to integrate to existing system